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How to Talk to Your Teenager – Why Won’t They Just Listen to Me?

  Guest post by Sarah Van Meter Are you a parent of a teenager and ever wondered “why won’t my teen listen to me?” or “why don’t they talk to me?” As long as there have been teenagers there appears to have been tension or conflict between parents and their teens. Even as a therapist […]

Teens! Angst or Depression?

guest post by Gayle Pape, LCSW Is it Teen Angst or Depression? You’ve seen it and heard it. Grunts, sighs, and eye rolls. Phrases like I’m fine – leave me alone!… I hate my life!,,, You embarrass me!… I have no friends!… I can’t believe he blocked me on Snapchat!… I’ll never pass high school […]

How to Talk to Your Kid So They Will Listen

You love your child, but do you ever wonder if you’d have better luck talking to a rock? Whether they ignore you, talk back to you, or just don’t do what you ask, it can leave you drained and at a loss for what to do. You’re probably wondering, “Why doesn’t my kid listen to […]

How to Cope with School Anxiety

Guest post by Amrit Singh, LSW As the end of August approaches, many students are preparing to return to school. They might feel excited and joyful – or afraid and anxious. If you’re a parent of students in the latter category you might be wondering how to help them cope with school anxiety. Whether your […]

Executive Functioning and ADHD

            Guest post by Gayle M. Pape, LCSW Daily life can be both complicated and simple. We might design an architectural blueprint (complex) and get to work on time (simple). The mental skills – executive functioning skills – to do those tasks are typically used without any awareness. Those skills […]