Internal Family Systems and Self-Compassion

Guest blog by Codie Surratt, MA, LPC, LMT   The resolutions season is well underway. You know, the season that often begins with the phrase “New Year, New Me.” In Internal Family Systems, we recognize that an inner critic is often running the show at this time of year and that its voice can get […]

Trauma Bonds in Relationships

Guest post by Jennifer Mehochko, LCPC   The turn of the clock into a new year can be exciting and an opportunity to shift toward greater health. One area of your life that you can begin to look at is your relationships. Are they healthy? And how do I know if they’re not? Learning more […]

What is EMDR Therapy and How is it Used?

Do you have trauma that you’re looking to heal? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a proven psychotherapy approach effective for the treatment of trauma. The goal of EMDR is to process your traumatic experience in a way that rewires the brain to react differently in the future to these memories of the trauma. […]

Somatic Therapy for Trauma

  Guest post by Linette Howard   Your day probably follows a certain routine. And more than likely, in that routine, you find a sense of normalcy and comfort. However, as a human being you also have times when you feel out of sorts or strangely anxious. You might notice that your daily routines – […]

Art Therapy and Healing Trauma

guest post by Becky J. How does art therapy help people who have experienced trauma? When we are born and begin to develop as human beings, our first expressions are nonverbal. As we age and develop the use of language, we become conditioned to the functions of a society that communicates mostly with words. It […]