Is EMDR Dangerous

You may have heard that EMDR therapy is dangerous, but it’s important to know that EMDR has been shown to be effective in treating trauma and other mental health conditions. While EMDR is generally considered safe and is well-tolerated, there are some potential risks and side effects associated with the treatment. This article details those […]

Somatic Therapy for Trauma

  Guest post by Linette Howard   Your day probably follows a certain routine. And more than likely, in that routine, you find a sense of normalcy and comfort. However, as a human being you also have times when you feel out of sorts or strangely anxious. You might notice that your daily routines – […]

How Does Childhood Trauma Affect Adults

Sometimes the world feels overwhelming. The news seems filled with stories of adults doing seemingly inexplicable things: mass shootings, child sexual abuse, or secret addictions. Then your circle of friends seems to increasingly become victims of disease – autoimmune disorders, cancer, and more. What’s going on? None of these disparate things starts in a vacuum. […]

Social Anxiety Therapy

Emerging from the Pandemic is causing anxiety for many people. The level of anxiety depends on your comfort level in various public situations. But you may have social anxiety disorder experience if you experience this kind of social anxiety feeling on an ongoing basis.  What is different about social anxiety disorder than a temporary uncertainty […]

Married to Someone with Childhood Trauma? How It Affects Relationships

You probably know that childhood trauma refers to any significantly distressing experience a person was exposed to as a child. Because we all experience life in different ways, what may be traumatic for you may not be for someone else. What really matters is how you perceived the situation and how you felt during and after. However, if you’re married to someone with childhood trauma, neither of you may fully understand how childhood trauma affects relationships.