Somatic Therapy for Trauma

  Guest post by Linette Howard   Your day probably follows a certain routine. And more than likely, in that routine, you find a sense of normalcy and comfort. However, as a human being you also have times when you feel out of sorts or strangely anxious. You might notice that your daily routines – […]

How Does Childhood Trauma Affect Adults

Sometimes the world feels overwhelming. The news seems filled with stories of adults doing seemingly inexplicable things: mass shootings, child sexual abuse, or secret addictions. Then your circle of friends seems to increasingly become victims of disease – autoimmune disorders, cancer, and more. What’s going on? None of these disparate things starts in a vacuum. […]

How to Heal Grief with EMDR and Somatic Therapy

Guest post by Marty Dennen LCPC, SEP Are you struggling with grief? Did you know that there are ways to heal grief with body-oriented therapies like EMDR and Somatic Experiencing? Before we get to the specifics of healing grief with EMDR and Somatic Therapy, let’s look at what grief is and at a roadmap for […]

What is Somatic Experiencing Therapy

  Have you experienced a traumatic event? Some people seem to easily overcome the impact of such an event, while others struggle to cope and are overwhelmed by the same situation. Their brain gets rewired to maladaptive physical and mental responses, and the body gets stuck in a constant stress response. Somatic Experiencing therapy addresses […]

How Tuning In to Your Body Can Make You More Resilient

guest post by Linda Graham, MFT   By balancing our physiology and nervous systems, body-based practices can help us through hard times. Stuff happens. Another car suddenly swerves into your lane on the freeway. You misplace your keys and wallet two minutes before you need to catch your bus to work. You shred the wrong […]