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Navigating the Depths: Understanding Grief in Teens

Guest blog by Codie Surratt,MA, LPC, LMT   Grief after loss is an intricate emotion. But when grief intersects with the turbulent period of adolescence, the impact can be profound. Adolescents grapple with the complexities of loss while navigating the challenges of identity formation, peer relationships, and academic pressures. So, understanding grief in teens can […]

What To Do Beyond “I’m Sorry for Your Loss”

Death is a part of life. Yet when someone we know experiences the death of a loved one, we’re often unsure about what to say or how to help. We don’t want to blunder and make them hurt more than they already do. For what to do beyond saying “I’m sorry for your loss,” the […]

How to Support a Spouse with Anxiety

Guest blog by Jordan Spinazzola, MSW, LSW, ACSW   Having a partner who experiences anxiety can be challenging to navigate. Anxiety shows up in different ways, in different people, at different times. So, you might be wondering how to support your spouse with anxiety in an effective way. It may take time and trying different […]

Social Media Anxiety

guest blog by Rebecca Muir My Experience with Social Media In 2010, I returned home from my undergraduate studies to a world where my peers were fully immersed in social media. As long time hold out, I finally gave in to the trend and made myself a Facebook account. I never wanted nor had thousands […]

How I Got “Lucky”: Facing My Fear

Fear: Lucky dog

guest blog by Marina Lisjonok, MSW, E-CYT, RRT I got Lucky when I was on a 3-month silent meditation retreat at Karma Lekshey Ling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2016.  Let me explain. Lucky is a gorgeous dog lovingly thought of as part of the family by the Karma Lekshey Ling Buddhist monks.  While there […]